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I’m Casie Jericho - your lifestyle coach. I’m a mom to a little boy & girl, history teacher and owner of CJLC.

I’m confident that I can help you because I’m actually a lot like you. I was lost with all the information out there - until I found Macros, a data driven approach to weight loss & lifetime weight management. You’d be surprised how much we have in common.


Don't believe me yet, keep reading girl.


Although I was once an accomplished athlete as a D1 collegiate soccer player, I found myself overweight and out of shape in my 20's. I NEVER thought about nutrition or fitness. I eventually found a passion for movement again, but even then it wasn't smooth sailing. I struggled to reach my health & fitness goals in the never-ending cycle of fad diets, juice cleanses and group fitness classes until 2016 when i found Crossfit. There I found the strength and knowledge of what it took to fuel my body.


It is truly my passion to help women & men discover that carbs are not evil.


More sweat doesn't equal a better workout and those numbers on the scale really don't determine how you look or feel. 

Helping women SHOW UP
in life with confidence


We are a female owned lifestyle coaching company.

We believe in focusing on the whole client & preaching sustainable habits that will lead to years of success. We believe in        data driven approach to weight loss, eating more, lifting heavier and living a balanced life that is enjoyed.

Meet casie

Coach CJ - Owner, Head Coach & Programmer. CJ grew up on Long Island as an avid soccer player. She is an only child to a collegiate football player father, and "Most Athletic"-in-high-school mother. Her dad had her doing push ups before bed when she was 12 and always outside practicing soccer. She got a full scholarship to Duke University and played on the United States Youth National team for multiple years. Cj majored in Education and now is a full time High School History teacher on Long Island NY. She is married to Coach Tom since June 2018 and has two children, Rustin (4) and Rory (2), a dog Obi and a fish, Pick.

Some may think she was always fit and into health & wellness, but you would be mistaken. Cj was good at soccer, but not so great at fitness. She was in the "bad runners" club in college and after college she found herself very overweight & out of shape while paying no mind to her nutrition and fitness. It wasn't until one of her bestfriends signed her up for a half marathon that she found her passion for movement again, but even then it wasn't smooth sailing.

Cj found herself in the juice cleanse, low carb, fasted cardio, Orangetheory, fad diet never ending circle until about 2016. CrossFit introduced her to strength and fuel and she's never looked back. It is truly her passion to help women and men discover that carbs are not evil, that more sweat doesnt equal a better workout,and that the number on the scale really doesnt determine much about how you look. 


Meet TOM

Thomas Delesia - Assistant Coach Thomas was born and raised on Long Island, New York. He was involved in sports throughout high school and Wrestled Division 3 and Junior college while studying Geology and Earth Science Education. After college Thomas looked for that competitive outlet and found Crossfit. He quickly fell in love with having a healthy lifestyle and the fitness community. Thomas received his Crossfit level 1 certification and started coaching Football, Wrestling and track & field at local junior high schools. 


After seeing how much passion and joy his wife,CJ, had for online fitness and nutrition coaching, Thomas decided to join her team. Now they work side by side promoting healthy sustainable lifestyles and helping clients to achieve their goals.

Meet stephanie

Stephanie Greaney - Assistant Coach  Stephanie grew up on Long Island and was a three sport athlete in gymnastics, basketball and softball.

Stephanie has been coaching for 13 years in basketball, softball, field hockey, and track at the junior high, junior varsity and varsity level. She has also coached USAG competitive gymnastics. 
Stephanie is married with 2 children and is a full time High School Physical Education and Health Teacher. Stephanie holds a certification in fitness & nutrition coaching as well as both Pre and postnatal nutrition, fitness and menopausal wellness. 


Stephanie was diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis, but since has been able to manage her gut issues through her own healing journey of eating REAL whole foods. She always thought she was “eating healthy” and exercising the “right way” by taking HITT classes, yoga, Crossfit, orange theory, and any other fitness class at the gym to try and get that “toned” look. It wasn’t until she started focusing on strength training and nutrition that she felt her best.

It is truly Stephanie’s passion to help women and men heal their gut, introduce healthy habits and discover that they are able to enjoy life without restricting everything that they enjoy.

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+ Daily Movements

+ Cardio

+ Water & Fiber Intake

+ Sleep Schedule

+ Stress Management & Mindset.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

"Working with CJ has changed my entire outlook on things."

I used to think that in order to lose weight I had to eat next to nothing, skip meals, and do excessive HITT or cardio classes. What I would just end up in was a cycle of restricting, binging, and starting again on Monday. I would constantly be unhappy with the lack of results, and then give up entirely, and then eventually have to start back all over again. Working with CJ I've now learned that I don't have to spend hours on the elliptical, I can enjoy all of my meals, and consistency is key! I'm also learning that the scale is also just a number, and I don't have to let it rule/dictate how I live my life. CJ is alway around to answer a question, check in, send tips. She is so supportive! Thank you for helping me gain confidence, educating me, and for all of your guidance.

- Erica Naselli

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